“As a local small business owner, may I extend this offer as many of us begin to reopen and rebuild our businesses.”

— John Allen, Owner, Sandy Plains Printing

Sandy Plains Printing is offering the following to rebuild, promote and to help our local businesses.

Our Local Business to Local Business Promotion includes:

  • health and essential service providers will be given priority
  • 12% discount on your total order thru 5/31/2020
  • free ground shipping thru 5/31/2020
  • curbside pick up – We will carry your order out to your vehicle upon request
  • as always, every effort will be made to expedite your orders

We are at full production.

We are here to help.
Mon-Fri 9am-5pm


Banners, signs, forms, posters, special requests—Fast, Priced-Right Printing and Copies.

Thanks. Got it.