File Preparation: Files must be submitted in “PRESS-READY” format. Your files must conform to the following:

    • 300 dpi resolution
    • CMYK or Grayscale (PDF Preferred) – PDF, JPG, TIF or EPS

Note: Files that are not “PRESS-READY” will be subject to a fee. To avoid this fee as well as production delays, please have your files prepared for output before uploading them.

An 1/8” bleed is required on all files submitted. Please also keep all text and important information/images at least 1/8” inside the trim line. Cutting CAN and WILL vary, up to 1/8”, so if you design your item with thin borders or with text/images close to the edge, please be aware that they may be trimmed off.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does “PRESS-READY” mean?

“Press-Ready” means that your files are ready to be processed into plates for use in our Press. Not all software can save files in a Press-Ready format.

What file formats/applications* are supported by Press?

We accept files saved at high quality 300dpi resolution from any program as a TIFF, PDF or EPS.

photo business card

Photoshop: Save all files in CMYK color mode. Resolution of file should be 300dpi. Save and send file as a flattened EPS, PDF, JPG or TIFF.

Illustrator: Make sure colors are in CMYK. Convert all text to outlines. Save and send file as an EPS or PDF.

Can you change my artwork?

Depending on the type of artwork submitted, we may be able to make modifications to your file. Any requested changes will be subject to an additional charge of at least $35.

Why can’t I submit my job in RGB color mode?

It is always best to create your document from the start in CMYK format to ensure that you have a better idea of how your colors are going to print.

rgb vs cmyk eyes

Red Green Blue versus Cyan Magenta Yellow Black

A lot of the colors you create in RGB mode are not achievable using standard four-color process printing. If you submit your job in RGB color mode, we will convert it before it goes to press, which will lead to color shifts that you may not be happy with.

If I provide a color proof, can you match to it?

Probably not… as color lasers are typically not accurate. If color matching is critical, we highly recommend you request a color proof with your order.

Why did the colors print differently from the colors on my monitor?

Monitors display colors in RGB… not CMYK. As well, most monitors are not calibrated for color accuracy. There is also a wide range of gamma differences in PCs, Macs and various manufacturers of monitors. Room lighting can also have an impact of your perception of color. Leave the color to us – we’re the experts!

Can I create a file exactly to size?

Only if there is NO bleed required… otherwise you must add 1/8” of bleed around all 4 sides of your files.

Thanks. Got it.